Entity Framework Core - Knowledge Base (KB)

It the Knowledge Base legal?

Yes, 100% legal.

All user contributions are licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required

We follow all rules to be legal:

  • We provide a link to the license
  • We clearly say that we are not affiliated with Stack Overflow
  • We visually indicate that the content is from Stack Overflow
  • We have a hyperlink to the original question
  • We show the author name
  • We have a hyperlink to each author name
  • Link is not using “nofollow”

We did our best to give all possible attribution but If we missed one, just let us know, and we will fix this issue ASAP: info@zzzprojects.com

Great your website is legal, but why this Knowledge Base?

We did it because not everyone speaks English!

When someone that speaks French or Spanish search for something in his mother language, they often don’t find as many resources as we find in English.

Stack Overflow cannot translate their content

  • It would cost millions of dollars
  • Search engines such as Google penalize website with translated content

However, our website doesn’t have this kind of restriction.

Even more, all our questions/answers are found on Stack Overflow!

What is the added value of this Knowledge Base?

We all know Stack Overflow when it’s time to find an answer to our question. But there is not only Stack Overflow that exists! There are blogs, videos, other forums, and even Stack Overflow in other languages.

Our long-term goal is to create a Knowledge Base with everything we can find on the web that will stay 100% legal