AspNet Core Identity GetExternalLoginInfoAsync Always Null

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I am using a combination of IdentityServer4 and ASP .NET Core Identity to create a federated sign-in page. One of the external providers I am using is Azure Active Directory through the Open ID Connect protocol. I also have integrated EntityFrameworkCore for all of my data storage.

After I scaffolded my initial website with Identity authentication, I add the appropriate services to my Startup.cs file.

// Some DI registrations
services.Configure<CookiePolicyOptions>(options =>
    options.CheckConsentNeeded = context => true;
    options.MinimumSameSitePolicy = SameSiteMode.None;
services.AddMvc().AddRazorPages(options => /* Some options */);
services.AddIdentityServer(options =>
    options.Events.RaiseErrorEvents = true;
    options.Events.RaiseFailureEvents = true;
    options.Events.RaiseInformationEvents = true;
    options.Events.RaiseSuccessEvents = true;
.AddConfigurationStore(options => /* Set up DbContext */)
.AddOperationStore(options => /* Set up DbContext */)
services.AddAuthentication().AddOpenIdConnect(options =>
    // Does not bind itself for mysterious reasons

I decided it would look nicer if I did most of my authentication setup in my appsettings.json file.

    "OpenIdConnect": {
        "ClientId": "<my_client_id>",
        "Authority:" "<my_tenant_id>",
        "PostLogoutRedirectUri": "http://localhost:5000/MyApp/Account",
        "CallbackPath": "/signin-oidc",
        "ResponseType": "code id_token",
        "Scope": "openid profile email",
        "SignInScheme": "idsrv.external",
        "AutomaticAuthenticate": "false",
        "AutomaticChallenge": "false",
        "RequireHttpsMetadata": "true"

Everything runs and my Open ID Connect login provider appears on the login page automatically. Smashing! Upon trying to use that, I am greeted by an error: Error loading external login information. Ends up that on the scaffolded Razor page Areas/Identity/Pages/Account/ExternalLogin.cshtml.cs:72 there is this bit of code:

var info = await _signInManager.GetExternalLoginInfoAsync();
if (info == null)
    ErrorMessage = "Error loading external login information.";
    return RedirectToPage("./Login", new { ReturnUrl = returnUrl });

info always resolved to null. I suspect it is a configuration issue somewhere in my Startup.cs, or some bit of magic that no documentation bothered to mention.

4/19/2019 5:31:54 AM

Popular Answer

After reading my brains out, I decided to reread the IdentityServer4 documentation about external identity providers.

This caught my (tired) eye:

Given that this is such a common practise, IdentityServer registers a cookie handler specifically for this external provider workflow. The scheme is represented via the IdentityServerConstants.ExternalCookieAuthenticationScheme constant.

If you were to use our external cookie handler, then for the SignInScheme [in your OpenIdConnect service setup] you’d assign the value to be the IdentityServerConstants.ExternalCookieAuthenticationScheme constant

Well, I think I'm not using their external cookie handler. Pretty sure I'm letting ASP .NET Core Identity do that. I decided to kill this line in my appsettings.json:

"SignInScheme": "idsrv.external"

And behold, I could sign in using my Active Directory credentials. Reading the actual source code of GetExternalLoginInfoAsync, I saw that they were looking for a very specific cookie, and it wasn't "idsrc.external". Leaving it as its default was what I needed.

4/19/2019 5:31:54 AM

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