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I created a ASP.NET MVC website using .NET Core 2.2 using a SQLite database. So far it's working well. Trouble begins when I want to add SQLite-specific keywords to the connection string, such as

Data Source=~\\App_Data\\MyDb.db; Version=3; DateTimeFormat=UnixEpoch; DateTimeKind=Utc

Now I get

Keyword not supported: 'version'

I register the database like this

// ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
var conn = Configuration.GetConnectionString("MyDB").Replace("~", _env.ContentRootPath);
services.AddDbContext<MyDBContext>(options => options.UseSqlite(conn));

Then MyDBContext has

public partial class MyDBContext : DbContext
    public MyDBContext() { }

    public SatrimonoContext(DbContextOptions<MyDBContext> options)
        : base(options) { }

    public virtual DbSet<Book> Book { get; set; }

Then I use it in my page Model

private SatrimonoContext _db;

public BookAccuracyListModel(SatrimonoContext dbContext)
    _db = dbContext ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(dbContext));

and from there I can access _db normally via LINQ.

Before posting here, I did plenty of research on the topic, and the best responses I found were this

This provider is Microsoft.Data.Sqlite. Those connection strings are for System.Data.SQLite.

We support the following keywords: Cache, Data Source, Mode.

and this

The issue I was having was because I was trying to create a SqlConnection instead of a SQLiteConnection. Making that change solved my issue.

However, if I'm doing it "right", I'm not creating the SqlConnection and thus can't change it to SQLiteConnection. The other response doesn't include a solution.

So how do I get this to work the right way?

3/24/2019 1:28:53 PM

Accepted Answer

There is a thread in Github regarding the issue.

Microsoft.Data.Sqlite only supports three keywords:

  • Cache - Private or Shared
  • Data Source - The database file. Can be a URI filename.
  • Mode - ReadWriteCreate, ReadWrite, ReadOnly, or Memory.

No other keywords are supported for this namespace, however if you use the keywords you mentioned with System.Data.SQLite namespace, it will work, as they are keywords matched for System.Data.SQLite.

Your two options:

  1. Remove the Version=3 keyword or any other unsupported keyword from the connection string
  2. Change the namespace you use for your SQlite connection.
3/24/2019 1:45:56 PM

Popular Answer

Expanding on Barr's response, the solution is to add System.Data.SQLite.Core to the project.

Then replace

var conn = Configuration.GetConnectionString("Satrimono").Replace("~", _env.ContentRootPath);
services.AddDbContext<SatrimonoContext>(options => options.UseSqlite(conn));


var connString = Configuration.GetConnectionString("Satrimono").Replace("~", _env.ContentRootPath);
var conn = new SQLiteConnection(connString);
services.AddDbContext<SatrimonoContext>(options => options.UseSqlite(conn));

That's it!

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