How to call stored procedure with table valued parameter from .net core Entity Framework

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I have a stored procedure with table valued parameter. I have to call it from Entity framework in .net core.

I couldn't find any API on context object.

I have tried with API's and it worked but now I have to call it from EF in .net core. Stored procedure which I have to call returning result which I have to catch.

My sample SP as below

@MyRequest [dbo].[MyRequestType] Readonly

--Its sample SP thats why returned request table as it is    
select * from @MyRequest


MyRequestType is User defined table type

its structure is as below

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[MyRequestType] AS TABLE(
    [Id] [numeric](22, 8) NULL,
    [Col1] [bigint] NULL,
    [Col2] [numeric](22, 8) NULL 

I am using Code first approach in EF core

Any help will be appreciated.

2/20/2019 9:17:29 AM

Accepted Answer

Finally I could able to call Table values parameter Stored procedure from my .net core service which uses EF core

I have created fake Response Domain Model

   public class MyResponse
        public int Id { get; set; }
        public int Col1{ get; set; }
        public int Col2 { get; set; } 

I called it Fake Domain Model because Domain model is generally table representation in CLR class but I dont have such Table in SQL Server.

Then I have Added property for this under Context class as below

public class MyQueryDbContext : DbContext
  public virtual DbSet<MyResponse> Data { get; set; }

Then Need to create Data Table for Request parameter list, I have added like below

 DataTable table = new DataTable();
 table.Columns.Add("Id", typeof(int));
 table.Columns.Add("Col1", typeof(int));
 table.Columns.Add("Col2", typeof(int));

Then I have called Stored procedure from .net core API using EF and passed datatable as parameter like below

 var parameter = new SqlParameter("@MyRequest", SqlDbType.Structured);
 parameter.Value = table;
 parameter.TypeName = "[dbo].[MyRequestType]" // My Table valued user defined type
var response=_context.Data
                     .FromSql("EXEC [dbo].[GetMyData] @MyRequest", parameter)

You will get response in you response variable.

2/22/2019 3:45:41 AM

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