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I want to persist a linked list of objects using in my ASP.Net Core application. For simplicity, I'll use blog and comments; although the real context is much more complex.

I scaffolded two tables, and changed ICollection<Comment> to LinkedList<Comment>. However, if I create an initial migration and apply to an empty database, I don't get anything "linked" in the database (no next or previous). Also, if I seed the data, and then do something like this:

var comments = _context.blogs.First().Comments

I get null. If I leave public virtual ICollection<Comment> Comments, I get the IEnumerable just fine.

I tried to use LinkedList<LinkedListNode<Comment>> instead, and it works nice unless I try to create a migration. Getting an error

No suitable constructor found for entity type 'LinkedListNode'. The following constructors had parameters that could not be bound to properties of the entity type: cannot bind 'value' in 'LinkedListNode(Comment value)'; cannot bind 'list', 'value' in 'LinkedListNode(LinkedList list, Comment value)'.

I couldn't find any guidance how to implement LinkedList in C#/.NET Core (obviously, I can do it manually, having next and prev fields - but I would very much prefer to use framework capabilities, if possible!)

12/27/2018 1:54:29 AM

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I don't know much about MS SQL server, but the whole next and prev parts in mysql won't work because you can't map the keys it would require to track the fields properly because each link has to have an id in a database to link to. only thing I know of would be create the next/prev yourself and use some custom data persistence or data annotations. but the foreign key constraints I'm pretty sure on any relational database will prevent you from auto persisting those types of fields. reason being tracking deletes, inserts etc would be a nightmare because if you remove the middle of the chain, then the database has to try and guess where to link the ends to

12/27/2018 3:24:54 AM

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