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I have a query that has to execute more than 300 loops on each and every call. Even on a brand-new database, a call takes about 10 seconds to complete. This can't happen during a WebAPI request.

var isAbnormal = false;
var list = new List<String>();

//Check date range, log them & return if there is any abnormal.
foreach (DateTime day in DateHelper.EachDay(startDate, endDate))
  var isActive = db.Operations.Any(x=>x.IsActive && x.Day == day);
  var object;
  var queryable = db.ObjectA.Where(x=>x.Day == day);

    queryable = db.ObjectA.First(x=>x.Day == day);


  var isLogicACorrect = queryable.Any(x=>x.ObjectACount == 5);
  var isLogicBCorrect = queryable.Any(x=>x.ObjectBCount == 3);
  var isLogicCCorrect = queryable.Any(x=>x.ObjectCCount == 2);
  var isLogicDCorrect = queryable.Any(x=>x.ObjectDCount == 8);
  var isLogicECorrect = queryable.Any(x=>x.ObjectECount == 1);
    list.Add("Logic A is incorrect");
    isAbnormal = true;

  //More logic codes & db calls here, which is just to select & validate.

return list;

How can I combine all of the requests into one to increase speed? The loop content literally the same except the day. Each loop must call a total of 15 queries, totaling 4500 database queries.

10/4/2018 11:23:56 PM

Accepted Answer

10/5/2018 7:51:46 AM

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