Include the IsDeleted values when user is admin

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I want to include the isDeleted values in the database to my index when the user is an admin. I used the global query filter to filter the data.

This is the code I have:

var param = Expression.Parameter(entity.ClrType);

var propertyMethodInfo = typeof(EF).GetMethod("Property").MakeGenericMethod(typeof(bool));
var isDeleted = Expression.Call(propertyMethodInfo, param, Expression.Constant("IsDeleted"));

BinaryExpression compareExpression = Expression.MakeBinary(ExpressionType.Equal, isDeleted, Expression.Constant(false));

var lambdaExpression = Expression.Lambda(compareExpression, param);

6/22/2018 8:02:34 AM

Accepted Answer

The solution is to add additional criteria to your global query filter and make sure it's evaluated dynamically. The technique is basically explained in the Global Query Filters example:


Note the use of a DbContext instance level field: _tenantId used to set the current tenant. Model-level filters will use the value from the correct context instance. I.e. The instance that is executing the query.

The essential part is to use instance field/property/method of your DbContext, otherwise the filter will not be dynamic.

Following that, add a field to your DbContext:

bool includeDeleted = false;

and modify you code to produce p => this.includeDeleted || p.IsDeleted == false:

// ...

var includeDeleted = Expression.Field(Expression.Constant(this), "includeDeleted");
var condition = Expression.OrElse(includeDeleted, compareExpression);

var lambdaExpression = Expression.Lambda(condition, param);


How you populate that field is up to you. It could be via constructor parameter / injection, public property etc.

6/22/2018 7:44:22 AM

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