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While building an EF6 model in Visual Studio 2017, even after installing the developer version of SQLAnywhere 17 and manually running the installer for VS integration that is offered by this installation, I was still unable to view any providers other than the MSSQL ones.

I discovered this

Does anybody know where I can obtain instructions on using it? Both a repository and access to documentation are absent from Nuget.

The package was successfully installed, and it is included in project references, but when I attempt to construct an EF model, it is missing from the provider list.

The package creator responded as follows to a request:

Hi Peter,

For information and documentation go to:

or with SyBase

Kind Regards, Erwin Bakels

Although I appreciate the rapid reply, the documentation link points to information on using a different version for a different task; the library is for EF6 and I require database-first, but the material is for code-first with EF4.3. Although I didn't expressly tell Erwin that I preferred database-first, it's still not a useful response.

According to further study, VS2017's modifications make it impossible for the installer to appropriately register the provider. This suggests that there won't be any potential of designer support for EF with SQL Anywhere until SAP fixes the installation to work with VS2017.

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