Get output 'inserted' on update with Entity Framework

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SQL Server provides output for inserted and updated record with the 'inserted' keyword.

I have a table representing a processing queue. I use the following query to lock a record and get the ID of the locked record:

UPDATE TOP (1) GlobalTrans
OUTPUT inserted.ID

This will output a column named ID with all the updated record IDs (a single ID in my case). How can I translate this into EF in C# to execute the update and get the ID back?

4/17/2018 9:33:13 PM

Popular Answer

Entity Framework has no way of doing that.

You could do it the ORM way, by selecting all the records, setting their LockDateTime and writing them back. That probably is not safe for what you want to do because by default it's not one single transaction.

You can span your own transactions and use RepeatableRead as isolation level. That should work. Depending on what your database does in the background, it might be overkill though.

You could write the SQL by hand. That defeats the purpose of entity framework, but it should be just as safe as it was before as far as the locking mechanism is concerned.

You could also put it into a stored procedure and call that. It's a little bit better than the above version because at least somebody will compile it and check that the table and column names are correct.

4/16/2018 1:17:31 PM

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