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I'm trying to apply a filter to my queries for multi-tenancy but it doesn't allow me to apply the filter when the property is part of a navigation property:

modelBuilder.Entity<Level>().HasQueryFilter(lvl => lvl.SchoolYear.TenantId == _tenantProvider.TenantId);

Here, Level is the property I want filtered but the property to use for filtering which is TenantId is is inside Level.SchoolYear.

If its a top-level property it works fine. How can I apply a global filter when the property I need for filtering is a navigation property?

11/25/2017 8:36:11 AM

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As said, these model level filters are not (yet) implemented for navigation properties. Which is sad, because people may not be aware of this restriction and count on it in a multi-tenant architecture. Everybody knows that making errors in a multi-tenant application may be the death of your company, so it's pretty vital to do this right.

Once you've chosen for tenant separation by TenantId (and not the safer schema-per-tenant or database-per-tenant), and knowing this current restriction in EF-core, you may want to build in a safeguard that at least you'll never mix up tenant data when saving changes.

This safeguard could be implemented by defining an interface:

public interface IHasTenantId
    int TenantId { get; }   

... to be implemented by each entity having a TenantId.

Then in an override of SaveChanges in the DbContext subclass there can be a check if all TenantIds in a change set are identical:

public override int SaveChanges()
    var distinctTenantIdsCount = this.ChangeTracker.Entries<IHasTenantId>()
                                     .Select(e => e.Entity.TenantId)
    if(distinctTenantIdsCount > 1)
        // Throw an exception and handle it.
    return base.SaveChanges();
11/25/2017 11:18:08 AM

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