How to get Table Name of mapped entity in Entity Framework Core

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In some reason, I need to use SQL in EFCore, and I will use table name of mapped entity. How can I get it?

8/14/2017 5:15:01 AM

Accepted Answer

Using the Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Relational package in 2.X:

var mapping = dbContext.Model.FindEntityType(typeof(YourEntity)).Relational();
var schema = mapping.Schema;
var tableName = mapping.TableName;

This assumes that dbContext is a instance of class that inherits from DbContext and that you have YourEntity configured there.

Note that in EF Core 3.X, [.Relational() provider extensions have been replaced] ( with getters and so you can now access the schema as follows:

var entityType = dbContext.Model.FindEntityType(typeof(YourEntity));
var schema = entityType.GetSchema();
var tableName = entityType.GetTableName();
9/30/2019 12:34:30 PM

Popular Answer

You can Use this static class

public static class AttributeReader
    //Get DB Table Name
    public static string GetTableName<T>(DbContext context) where T : class
        // We need dbcontext to access the models
        var models = context.Model;

        // Get all the entity types information
        var entityTypes = models.GetEntityTypes();

        // T is Name of class
        var entityTypeOfT = entityTypes.First(t => t.ClrType == typeof(T));

        var tableNameAnnotation = entityTypeOfT.GetAnnotation("Relational:TableName");
        var TableName = tableNameAnnotation.Value.ToString();
        return TableName;


For example, we have Person class that entity name in database is People, we can get people from person class.

var TblName= AttributeReader.GetTableName<(YourModel)>(YourContext);

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