Net Core - .Include() results in loop causing Visual Studio debug to crash dbcontext eager-loading entity-framework-core visual-studio-2017


My database has a one-to-many relation between "UsageRecord" and "Dimension"

Database diagram

This is modelled as follows (using a Database-First approach):

public partial class Dimension
        public virtual ICollection<UsageRecord> UsageRecord { get; set; }       

Usage Record class:

      public partial class UsageRecord
            public long Id { get; set; }
            public long DimensionId { get; set; }    
            public virtual Dimension Dimension { get; set; }              

So, if i query the list of UsageRecords (EagerLoading):

_context.Set<UsageRecord>.Where(x => x.ProductId == productId).ToList()

i get a list of UsageRecord objects I can navigate through during debug: usage record

Please notice that the Dimension object is null, and this is correct since i haven't included it in the query.

Now, If i try to include it, the application crashes:

_context.Set<UsageRecord>.Where(x => x.ProductId == productId).Include(p => p.Dimension).ToList();


Postman exits with a 502 error, and the VS Debug first shows a list of question marks "?" before crashing.

I think this is due to the fact that by Including the Dimension object, this loops through the list of UsageRecords attached and then the Dimension again and again.

How can I avoid it?

4/20/2017 4:05:54 PM

Popular Answer

In order to retrieve your result from LINQ query you can solve your issue in these ways:

  • Configure your serializer to ignore loops
  • Create a view model for your controller's action
  • Use anonymous type from Select result in your controller's action
4/22/2017 4:33:13 PM

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