EF Core, how to call stored procedure with input and output params?

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In EF Core, with dbContext, how do you call a stored procedure with input AND an output param? I know the basic gyst is:

Set<blah>.FromSql("storedProcName @p0 = {0}, @p1 = {1}", p0, p1);

But, what do I put for "blah" since there is no entity, it's just a bool output... and how do I get said output?

EDIT: That question doesn't solve the issue.

DAMN... FINALLY got it working... you have to use the brace syntax and add the OUTPUT keyword on the last param.

SqlParameter paramOut = new SqlParameter("@p5", SqlDbType.Bit) { Direction = ParameterDirection.Output };

        this.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("exec usp_xxx @p1={0}, @p2={1}, @p3={2}, @p4={3}, @p5={4}, @exist={5} OUTPUT",
            p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, paramOut);
12/16/2016 11:10:41 PM

Popular Answer

You could write a utility method like:

private static int ExecuteSqlCount(string statement, SqlParameter[] paramsSql)
    using (Entities dbContext = new Entities())
        var total = dbContext.Database.SqlQuery<int>(statement, paramsSql).First();
        return total;

Assuming the stored procedure takes the two parameters as shown and returns an integer, it would be called like:

var parameters = new List<SqlParameter>();
string statement = "exec uspPersonAdd @personName = @name, @activeFlag = @active";
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@name", person.PersonName));
parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@active", person.Active));
int id = ExecuteSqlCount(statement, parameters.ToArray());
12/16/2016 10:09:58 PM

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