What is the correct syntax to the -Context parameter of EF 7's Add-Migration command?



Using the latest pre-release version of EntityFramework 7 (v7.0.0-rc1-final), I have tried to use the Add-Migration PowerShell command through the Package Manager Console in Visual Studio; I have tried to add migrations to my DAL.

With a folder structure that looks something like:


I have tried variations of the following command:

Add-Migration Initial -OutputDir DAL\Migrations -Context ContextClassName

Including, but not limited to:

Add-Migration Initial -OutputDir DAL\Migrations -Context Project.Namespace.DAL.ContextClassName

Add-Migration Initial -OutputDir DAL\Migrations -Context DAL\Context.cs

To no avail...

The package for the tools is installed like so:

Install-Package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools -Pre

The docs are less than helpful and Get-Help Add-Migration -Examples and -Full, -Detailed etc. give you nothing relating to the expected format of the -Context parameter.

What is the correct format?

6/30/2016 2:21:29 PM

Accepted Answer

You're using the wrong EF7 package! As per the announcement, there's no longer an Entity Framework 7 but only EntityFrameworkCore.

As per your linked documentation and specifically following the documentation section for Full DotNet You need to reference Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.* and not EntityFramework.* (for EF7)

Following the instructions of above page and issuing:

Add-Migration -OutputDir DAL\Migrations -Context ContextClassName

I have no issue getting the migration sorted.

6/30/2016 2:58:28 PM

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