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I have created an .Net Core MVC6 application targeting net461. I have used a project structure I am very familiar with in which I place the data, model, and service classes in separate class library projects and the Web project references these.

When I attempt to scaffold a controller I receive an error that multiple matching types exist for the model I am scaffolding.

If I move all code to a single project, scaffolding is successful. If I move the context to Web project and leave the model in a separate project, I receive an error the NO matching types were found.

Has anyone else seen this same issue? Is there a workaround to still use this type of architecture?


I started another project and always get this issue. I get this error when only using 1 extra project for the models. Attached is the error I recieve.

Scaffolding Error

Update 2

When the context and model are in the same project I receive this error.

Error editing dbContext

3/3/2017 5:40:00 AM

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Cannot post a comment, so I've to write an answer instead. I also had the same issue and opened it on Scaffolding github repository. Here's the response:

currently there is an issue with scaffolding, that it doesn't support model classes outside of the current project properly.

As a workaround, you can add the model temporarily to your web project and then move it to the BLL/ DAL projects after scaffolding.

Plus they also opened this issue as a bug, quoting:

Scaffolding fails if model class is in a dependency (project/ library) of the project on which scaffolding is being run. #251

Project A has a dependeny on Project B. Project B has model class If you try to run scaffolding on Project A by using model class from Project B, it fails with the below error: No model type returned for type:

Hence, as of RC2, this is a bug in scaffolding tooling.

6/14/2016 1:32:37 PM

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