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This is a very broad and general question. Please advise.

I have tried starting an ASP.NET core project but have failed when it came to generating the database.

I could not get anything to work. I have lost my code while reinstalling studio.

Would some one be so kind to instruct and provide a working example of the context and startup classes(and etc)?

I would greatly appreciate if you would also provide an example of installing and working with the dotnet commands.

5/25/2016 7:16:21 PM

Popular Answer

Yes you can create the database using Entity Framework code first, just like previous versions of ASP.NET. It's a little different though, as you don't use Visual Studio, but rather you open up cmd.exe. Navigate to the project's src folder, then enter the following commands:

dotnet ef migrations add firstMig -c DbContextName

This will create a folder named migrations inside the project, along with an initial migration file and a 'firstMig' file (which is the name of the migration we are creating. These migrations will be used to update the database with the following command:

dotnet ef database update -c DbContextName

I have recently released a blog post, which is a tutorial that goes over step by step how to setup ASP.NET RC2 with Entity Framework code first on a PostgreSQL database. Hope this is helpful!

5/25/2016 10:55:49 PM

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