With OData and Entity Framework, can I load navigation properties without writing getter methods for each relation?

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Assume we have two entities, Parent and Child, and Child is a navigation property of Parent (1:1 for the sake of this example). A particular parent's child can be fetched using this request: http://example.com/Parent(1)/Child. To make that work, a GetChild() method must be provided in the ParentController to fetch the correct Child entity.

Microsoft.OData.Client has a LoadProperty method that lets you fetch navigation properties on demand like this:

var parent = container.Parents.ByKey(1).GetValue();
container.LoadProperty(parent, "Child");

But since LoadProperty internally creates a http://example.com/Parent(1)/Child request, the call fails if I didn't write a GetChild() method:

No routing convention was found to select an action for the OData path with template '~/entityset/key/navigation'.

In a project with many navigation properties it can take a lot of work to write all the getter methods. Is there a way to load navigation properties without having to write getters for every single relation?

Edit: I should have made clear that I'm aware of $expand--but sometimes it's desired to fetch related entities long after the initial request (that's what LoadProperty() does, and what requires a getter for every single relation).

3/17/2016 8:26:44 AM

Popular Answer

OData supports inline expansion of related entities. You can solve this problem on the client side by using the Expand<T> method on the object returned by ByKey as follows:

var parent = container.Parents.ByKey(1).Expand(p => p.Child).GetValue();

This call will result in an HTTP request similar to:

GET http://example.com/Parent(1)?$expand=Child

You can also chain calls to Expand<T>.

3/16/2016 8:16:41 PM

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