Case insensitive name of tables and properties in Entity Framework 7

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I use Entity Framework 7 with Npgsql adapter. Sql generated by EF seems like

SELECT "r"."Id", "r"."Name" FROM "public"."Role" AS "r"

and it doesn't work in Postgres, because case-sensitive policy. To make it work i need to write create table script

    "Id" int,
    "Name" varchar(200)

But it's ugly. Is there the way to make EF generate scripts without quotes or with lowercase naming style?

3/10/2016 10:59:25 AM

Accepted Answer

There's a very good reason Npgsql generates quotes everywhere - so you definitely should not remove them (even if it's technically possible as @natemcmaster says). Identifiers without quotes are automatically converted to lowercase by PostgreSQL. Entity Framework needs to be able to map C# properties to database columns, but C# properties are case-sensitive; so if you remove database case sensitivity you're shooting yourself in the foot...

Unless you have a real problem (aside from the perceived ugliness) you should leave things as they are.

4/5/2016 10:02:27 PM

Popular Answer

As you can see in NpgsqlSqlGenerationHelper.cs:

static bool RequiresQuoting(string identifier)
        var first = identifier[0];
        if (!char.IsLower(first) && first != '_')
            return true;

Npgsql thinks that identifiers that start with upper-case letter needs quoting. After a bit of thinking I implemented a solution described in (converts all PascalCase identifiers to snake-case). It is a bit simplistic right now but I how EF Core soon will provide a way to define custom naming conventions.

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