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I have MVC project and EF6 model.

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LazyLoading is enabled. In controller I have the following action

    public ActionResult AddStage(int projectId, int employeeId)
        using(var context = new TestProjectEntities())
            var project = context.Projects.Find(projectId);
            if (project != null)
                var stage = new Stage() {EmployeeID = employeeId, StageType = 1};


        return Redirect("Index");

    private void ListEmployees(Project project)
        var names = new List<string>();
        foreach(var stage in project.Stages)
            if (stage.Employee != null)

But in ListEmployees method stage.Employee == null in foreach statement. Why?

And if i call AddStage for second time then stage.Employee != null in ListEmployee

8/6/2015 1:59:23 PM

Accepted Answer

That's because you're simply setting the foreign-key property (Stage.EmployeeID) without setting the navigation-property (Stage.Employee).

Usually, after calling SaveChanges(), EF would update the navigation property as well. But, since the Stage object is created manually by you it's not tracked (using a DynamicProxy) and you'll have to explicitly fix-up the relationship:

context.Entry(stage).Reference(c => c.Employee).Load();

Another approach would be to fetch the Employee and use it instead of setting the foreign-key property:

var employee = context.Employees.Find(employeeId);
var stage = new Stage() { Employee = employee, StageType = 1};


8/6/2015 2:14:30 PM

Popular Answer

new Stage()

Don't do this with EF objects. You won't get the correct proxy object that can lazy load navigation properties. You need to use something like dbContext.Set<Stage>().Create()

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